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Adjustable Heel Height


  • Amputees greatly value the versatility offered by the Runway adjustable heel height prosthetic foot
  • As the only user-adjustable heel height foot designed for active K3 amputees, the device is customized to user weight and activity to provide superior comfort and energy return
  • Adjust heel height from 0-2" with option of push button or 4mm hex key adjustable design
  • Anatomical "gliding" ankle design maintains appropriate foot alignment, regardless of heel height
  • Runway HX offers adjustments at any place within the 0-2" range, compared to 10 preset adjustments with the push button design
  • New cosmetically improved sandal toe foot shell for improved user acceptance
  • Rated to 255 lbs., 36-month carbon fiber warranty, 18-month ankle mechanism warranty
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