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Microprocessor Controlled Foot

Proprio Foot

By recognizing even the subtlest changes in movement, the sensor technology in the PROPRIO FOOT with EVO enables an appropriate and immediate response to variations in ground surface and activity.

Terrain Logic™, the patented artificial intelligence (AI) that is the 'brain' of the device, helps to replace the function that the body's central nervous system would normally play in processing information about changes occurring inside and outside the limb if it was still intact.

A high precision linear actuator receives commands in the form of signals via a control board, which contain precise instructions concerning when and how fast to move to achieve the best possible response to any situation.

Sense Accelerometers and an angle sensor sample ankle motion over 1,000 times per second, identifying specific ankle motion events such as heel strike (the precise moment that the prosthetic heel touches the ground). Motion is analyzed continuously, with gait pattern recognition algorithms detecting when a user is walking on slopes, stairs (up or down), as well as stationary or seated. This wide-ranging data is fed into a patented form of artificial intelligence, Terrain Logic.

Call your Prosthetist for a test drive to see if the Proprio foot is good for you.


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