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Genium Knee

This state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled knee joint utilizes a complex sensory system and sophisticated rule sets to mimic natural gait more closely than any other prosthetic knee. With multiple environmental inputs (including a gyroscope and an accelerometer), the Genium delivers unmatched functionality, including special features to help step over obstacles and ascend stairs.

The Genium knee has several features which make it unique. The knee power lasts up to 4 days. The charging is magnetic so there are no open ports for moisture making it more water resistant than the C-leg. This also means that the knee can be charged through a cosmetic cover. There are additional sensors and a gyroscope in the knee so that it knows where in space it is at all times. This allows the user to walk backwards for example without fear of the knee buckling. The user can walk step over step up stairs as well as down stairs. The user can take small steps or large steps without fear of buckling. The user can step over objects and the knee will be stable when it hits the ground on the other side, no matter whether the knee is extended or not. When getting into a car, the knee will remain outstretched until the patient manually flexes the knee, facilitating pivot turns.

For the wearer, motion becomes intuitive. Barriers and obstacles become an unconscious part of life instead of an interruption. Whether making a fast turn-and-grab to catch up with a runaway toddler, changing speed dramatically or backing up to navigate a crowd, or simply stepping over an obstacle instead of going around, the Genium makes it all easier without risking stability.

There are 5 alternate modes which can be programmed for activities such as table tennis, inline skating, skiing, bicycling, etc. These are some of the highlights. Physically, the knee is shorter than the C-leg so this will allow for some additional foot options for those who are space challenged.

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