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E-MAG Control

Whether on the job, at home in your leisure time, the E-MAG Control gives you the extra confidence you need during your everyday activities. The E-MAG is the first knee joint system featuring an electronically controlled lock that you can activate with a small remote control.


The E-MAG Control - increased safety and confidence

  • Electronically controlled orthotic joint system
  • High level of safety
  • Easily operated via remote control
  • Low profile for everyday use


Safe standing

The E-MAG Control gives you an absolutely stable stance in this phase. You can activate the lock with the press of a button, thanks to the remote control unit, which can be held in the hand or integrated into a crutch. As a result, you can support yourself with both arms and stand safely at all times. The E-MAG's special feedback system also tells you exactly when the joint is opening. In this way, you are always prepared when the joint is activated.

With orthoses, most falls occur when the knee joint lock fails to engage when you stand up. For this reason, we added an integrated feedback function to the E-MAG Control's locking system. As soon as you extend your knee and the knee joint is stable, the system uses a signal to let you know that the joint is locked. You no longer have to go back and check the position with your hand. As a result, you always know which position the joint is in and can fully rely on the orthotic system for complete support.


Indication and application

The E-MAG Control is for patients with posttraumatic conditions such as poliomyelitis, post polio syndrome, or failure or weakness of knee extensors. However, the E-MAG cannot be used if you are unable to extend the E-MAG joint in order to activate the lock.

To find out whether the E-MAG is right for you and how it can offer added therapeutic benefits, contact your Orthotist. Together you can discuss how the orthosis can be best configured to give you optimal performance.

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